To The First Time Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the first time mothers.

Congratulations on making it through the rigours of labour and pregnancy, and for holding this living, breathing, kicking, screaming, pooping, wriggling, peeing being in your  arms right now.

This just got real.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have waited for this for a long time, and who can’t wait to start their journey of parenthood. Happy Mother’s Day too to all those who are struggling with what this now means for them, who harbour the secret guilt of the selfish thought that their own lives are officially over now.

Happy Mother’s Day to those sitting at home after another exhausting day of mothering, looking out of your windows with a quiet satisfaction. And also to those who look out of the windows and are itching to get back into the working world to build something for themselves again.


Happy Mother’s Day whether you breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. There will be many voices and articles telling you what is right and best for your child, and some unkind ones who will try and make you feel like a lesser mother because you are not able to breastfeed your child. Know your body best and do what you can. You are enough for your child.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers to whom sleep is a distant memory, who are up at 2 am trying to decipher what baby is crying about. Happy Mother’s Day especially to all of you carrying colds and coughs from your child, wondering how on earth such a small human being could host so many viruses.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who are struggling with aches and pains in places they never knew existed. Get help and remember to look after yourselves too, even though the temptation is to divert your attention wholly towards your child. It’s a marathon you’re running and there may be more to come, keep healthy.

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Happy Mother’s Day to those joining the group of mothers who will get together to exchange notes over which diaper brand is best, over new strollers, hypoallergenic baby wipes and the latest news guaranteeing to make your child smarter. Beware the tendency to compare and feel like you are not doing well as a mother. You are enough for your child.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who stress out about breaking your child by giving them too much or too little of anything, agonising over whether to put carrots or celery into their soups, worrying whether placing them into the wrong preschool will start them down the path of inevitable destruction. May you get the support you need and find the wisdom and courage to know when to step in and when to hold back. Hovering completely over your child to soothe your own anxieties will hurt them. It’s ironic, but being a naturally good parent may mean letting go and not trying too hard.

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Happy Mother’s Day to those first time mothers who take to motherhood with such confident ease and effortless poise, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Know that you are secretly despised by all the other mothers who are rightly clumsily feeling their way through this new thing. No amount of books read or videos watched can prepare you for the true messiness that is raising children.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all first time mothers and to all who have been first time mothers. I know you are anxious that you will somehow break this fragile being that you have been gifted with and are now responsible for, but the kids will be all right. We know that you worry for us and always think about us – for doing one of the hardest jobs there is around, we thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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